Georgia Never Put Barriers to Air Communication between Russia and Georgia: FM

Georgia has never created barriers to air communication between Russia and Georgia, the Georgian Foreign Ministry's Press and Information Department reported.

After the Georgian-Ossetian war in August 2008, Georgia and Russia have suspended their diplomatic relations, the report says.

"March 4 2009, through exchanging notes, a section of Georgian interests was set up at the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in the Russian Federation and a section of Russian interests - at the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Georgia. Since that day, relations between the Georgian and Russian official structures have been carrying out through the Swiss Embassy. Given this fact, any document, sent by official structures of the Russian side in violation of the established order and, in particular, bypassing the Swiss side, cannot be considered as an official document," the department reported.

The information on possible realisation of charter flights between Georgia and Russia became known to the Georgian Foreign Ministry from the statements made by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Georgia never put barriers to the air communication between two countries. The Russian side through the unilateral decision severed air links between the two states.

If Russia needs any additional information for realization of charter flights, the Georgian side is ready to provide it with such information according to the established order, i.e. through the Swiss Embassy.