Rating of Ten Major Export Items in January-November

Georgia’s exports in January-November 2009 makes up USD 1.028bln, down 27.7 percent compared to the same period of 2008.

Ferroalloys ranks first in the tern major exports items of Georgia with 11.9 percent share. Processed and semi-processed gold is second with 10.4 percent and motorcars rank third with 7.5 percent.

Ferroalloys - USD 122.461m Exports, USD 265.837 m Imports;

Processed and Semi-processed Gold - USD 106.969m Exports, USD 92.928m Imports;

Motorcars - USD 76.899m Exports; USD 105.298m - Imports;

Filbert and other Nuts - USD 63.121m Exports; USD 28.225m Imports;
Scrap of Ferrous Metals - USD 57.989m Exports; USD 121.626m Imports;

Coppers Ores and Concentrates - USD 55.992m Exports; USD 115.776m Imports;

Nitric Fertilizers - USD 51.404m Exports; USD 103.964m Imports;

Ethyl Spirits and Spirit Drinks - USD 47.545m Exports; USD 51.344m Imports;

Wines - USD 28.990m Exports; USD 34.335m Imports;

Mineral Waters - USD 23.157m Exports; USD 30.007m Imports;

Other Products - USD 393.468m Exports; USD 472.271m Imports;

Total - USD 1.027bln Exports; USD 1.421bln Imports;