Georgia Develops Action Plan for Relations with NATO in 2010

The Tbilisi Times – The Government of Georgia and experts have developed an action plan for relations with NATO in 2010.

The Office of the Georgian State Minister in European and Euroatlantic Integration Issues has already forwarded the document to the NATO headquarters.

The Georgian party is waiting for corresponding remarks NATO will have on the document, Giorgi Baramidze, the State Minister in Euroatlantic integration issues, said.

NATO will expectedly approve the document in late January, Baramidze noted.

Under the action plan, Georgia will assume significant obligations, including the enhancement of military reforms, eradication of ware outcomes, conduction of fair local-self-government elections, provision of media freedom and enhancing of counter-corruption activities.

“Georgia will approach the NATO membership through the fulfillment of all these obligations”, Baramidze noted.

NATO will meet to discuss the Georgia-developed action plan in Brussels on January 20.