Matriculants will Take Preliminary Examinations in Ten Subjects, says President

Matriculants will have to take preliminary examinations in 10 subjects instead of previous 3, President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili said at the January 11 meeting with teachers in Batumi, the Autonomous Republic of Achara.

“11 and 12-grade pupils abstain to attend lessons, because secondary school certificates have been practically devaluated. At the same time, certain significant are considered as useless, as only tests for aptitude and skills suffice to become a student. We will restore the prestige of secondary school certificates and include key subjects in the list of preliminary examinations”, Saakashvili noted.

Physics, mathematics, chemistry and computer skills will be among 10 preliminary examinations, he said.

Dimitri Shashkin, the Education Minister will unveil details of the proposal at the January 15 news conference.