Prices for Azerbaijani Oil Products Fell by $12-23/ton

The Department of Marketing & Economic Operations of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) registered decrease of price for all petroleum products exported in December 2009.

SOCAR informs that last year prices on all kinds of oil products were observed rise ranged from $5.72 up to $60.97 per ton in January, decrease of $0.06-$54.78 per ton in February, growth of $4.8 up to $30 per ton in March, more significant growth from $32.33 up to $47.53 per ton in April, and almost a record growth - $30.65-95.78 per ton in May, in June this record was cracked as well and the prices ranged $49.35-$103.44 and in July fall in range from $5.26 up to $49.01, growth from $52.59 to $68.2 was registered in August and drop in prices from $19.96 to $66.07 was fixed in September and in October to November, (data for October was not presented) growth by $51.54-$69.3 per ton was registered again and in December fall by $12.06-22.51 per ton.

“In December, price for ton of motor petrol made up $669.5, aviation fuel - $646.51, diesel fuel $592.49 and black oil $447.46 per ton,” SOCAR said.

At the same time, in December, price for petrol dropped by $22.51, aviation fuel by $12.06, diesel fuel by $17.41, and black oil by $19.58 per ton.

The record growth in 2009 was observed in June – 86.64, $103.44, $94.39 and $49.35 per ton respectively. The highest prices for oil products in 2008 were observed in June - $1132.02, $1287.27, $1201.55 and $673.81 per ton.

Simultaneously in December 2009 overall export of Azerbaijani oil products fell to 116,279 tons versus 123,410 tons in November, 146,279 tons in October, 170,424 tons in September, 167,366 tons in August, 154,862 tons in July, 159,478 tons in June, 171,094 tons in May, 195,492 tons in April, 162,179 tons in March, 206,468 tons in February and 191,414 tons in January of 2009, 244,642 tons in December 2008 and 343,742 tons in October 2008.

Following 2009 overall export of petroleum products made up 1.968 million tons versus 2.58 million tons over 2008.