Revenues Office Plans to Put up Nineteen Assets for Auction

The Georgian Finance Ministry Revenues Office plans to put up nineteen assets for auction.

The starting price of Georgian Product property, which is owned by businessman Gocha Dzassokhov, makes up 470 000 GEL. Namely, nonagricultural land plots, buildings and technical equipment of Georgian Product will be put up for the auction.

Starting price of the seized property of Telavi Experimental Mechanical Plant equals 23 023 GEL.

The starting price of Amaghleba, a winemaking company, stands at 55 580 GEL.

The starting price of i/e Roland Zoidze makes up 40 348 GEL.

The starting price of Mimino company equals 47 635 GEL.

Bidders are due to place 2 percent of the starting price of the desirable asset at the subsidiary account of the Treasury in advance.

The best bidder must immediately pay at least the half amount of the bid or 5000 GEL and pay up the remainder part of the bid in 14 workdays.

The auction will be held at the Revenues Office at 12 o’clock on February 22.