National Bank President Urges Major Company Managers to Hire Macroeconomics Specialists

Giorgi Kadagidze, president of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), calls on major company managers to hire macroeconomics specialist.

During his meeting with businessmen at the hotel of Sheraton Metechi Palace on June 25 Giorgi Kadagidze said macroeconomics specialists have fundamental understanding of the ongoing economic processes in the country and they are able to protect the currency market from sensations, to which the GEL exchange rate is very acute.

“Similar sensations became the ground for the GEL exchange rate devaluation two weeks ago”, Kadagidze noted.

The Georgia’s foreign currency reserves guarantee the GEL exchange rate against foreign currency will remain stable in the medium and long-term perspectives. As to the short-term period, Kadagidze said NBG will not swerve form the floating currency rate strategy.