Techno Boom Enables Consumers to Change Outdated Home Appliances for New Technologies and Save 200 GEL

Korting, German brand of home appliances manufacturer, has selected Techno Boom, home appliances importer and distributor company, as its partner in Georgia.

Korting says Techno Boom is a quickly developing company in Georgia. Thus, the German brand has opened a credit line of 80 000 EUR to the Georgian company, besides additional surprises.

Korting introduced a special campaign on June 15. The campaign slogan is -Change Old with New under Most Favorable Terms.

The campaign enables consumers to change outdated home appliances for new ones and enjoy a 200-GEL discount rate for new equipment.

"The camping enables consumers to save 200 GEL when acquiring high-quality German brand equipment and sell old useless equipment under best terms", the company noted.