First Caucasian Channel Loses Trial against EuTelSat

The First Caucasian Channel has lost a trial against the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization (EuTelSat), French satellite operator. The trial was held in the Paris Court, the Ekho Moskvi radio station reports. The First Caucasian channel sued EuTelSat to restore the satellite broadcasting over the Russian-speaking part of Europe, but the Paris court did not satisfy the Georgian appeal.

Ekho Moskvi has also spread the comments of Merab Ghlonti, representative of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB). According to Ghlonti, EuTelSat offered the First Caucasian Channel to resume the broadcasting on other satellite, which covered not Russian-speaking part of Europe.

GPB asserts EuTelSat switched off the Georgian TV Channel under the pressure of Moscow.

However, the Paris court refused the political context behind the decision of the French company. The First Caucasian Channel has to cover the trial costs.

As reported, the First Caucasus brought action against EuTelSat in early February 2010 as the French satellite operator disrupted the satellite broadcasting to the First Caucasian channel on January 28.

The First Caucasian channel launched operation in January 2010. The channel launched broadcasting in online regime on January 4 2010. On January 15 EuTelSat switched the channel in the satellite broadcasting test mode. The channel covered the Caucasus and Easter Europe regions.

EuTelSat disrupted the satellite broadcasting to the First Caucasus channel on February 28.

GPB says EuTelSat has been pressured by the Russian Authorities.