Populi Trade Network to Launch Restyling Process

The trade network of Populi plans to launch a restyling process. Populi will renew interior and exterior of all central supermarkets in Tbilisi until November and offer entirely new style to the consumer. The restyling process is expected to end until 2011.

Populi has developed a new logotype and colors on the ground of multiple consumer market research.

Populi has already introduced a restyled project at the store, which is located at no.4 Gagarini Street.

Besides restyling, Populi plans to unveil a new processing plant in the first week of November to supply the Populi network with its own products.

The plant will process and distribute meat products, finished goods, confectionaries, fruit and vegetable.

Populi has invested 5 million USD in the processing plant.
Populi launched operation on the retail sales market in 2011 and unites 42 stores. The network employs about 1500 persons. The company offers three forms – Populi Supermarket, Populi Express and Populi XL.
Populi stakes are managed by Bank of Georgia, American investment company FireBird Aurora Fund, German investment group Ostinvestor and Swedish finance institute East Capital.