Defense Ministry 2011 Budget to Shrink

The Georgian Defense Ministry budget for 2011 will expectedly shrink.

Under the 2011 state budget bill, the Defense Ministry appropriations account for 660 million GEL, while the figure stood at 744.550 million GEL in 2010 and at 868.565 million GEL in 2009.

Under the bill, the Defense Ministry payrolls will record 400.410 million GEL (363.637 million GEL in 2010), including 386.481 million GEL will go to the joint staffs. The Ministry will mark 39.607 thousand employees in 2011, including 37.800 thousand servicemen.

The Defense Ministry legal entities are expected to receive 18.867 million GEL, up 3 times compared to the 2010 figure.
The military hospitals appropriations will mark 6.249 million GEL, while 3.468 million GEL will go to the Cadet Lyceum. The remaining part of the appropriations will go the scientific and research institutes of the Defense Ministry.