We Recognize Necessity of Creative Decisions so as Georgia Make no Problems with Russia's WTO Membership, says US President's Counselor

"We recognize the necessity of taking creative decisions so as Georgia make no problems with Russia's WTO membership", Lawrence Summers, the US President's counselor in Economic Issues noted as part of his visit to Moscow.

The procedures for Russia's WTO membership are expected to end for a year.

RIA Novosti reports Summers has met with Igor Shuvalov, former first vice premier of the Russian Federation.

"The process completion outlines have emerged, but the solemn time has not come yet", Summers noted.

"Russia's WTO membership needs the consent of all members. The USA vote is decisive and all other countries take into consideration this", he pointed and added Russia has to compete the negotiations with not only the USA, but all other counties too.

As reported, the Georgian Authorities pledge to back the Russia's WTO membership if the Russian Federation allows Georgian customs officials to control border checkpoints in Abkhazia and the so-called South Ossetia.