Aversi Provides Medical Services of 166 500 GEL to Georgian National Olympic Committee

In 2009 Aversi, a Georgian pharmaceutical company, provided medical services worth 166 500 GEL to the Georgian National Olympic Committee.

Aversi provided 6331 varieties of medical services to 239 athletes of the Georgian National Olympic Team in 2009. Total value of the services made up 127 742 GEL. Moreover, the company handed over medicines worth 38 759 GEL to athletes.

Aversi and the Georgian National Olympic Committee signed the cooperation memorandum in 2009, under which the pharmaceutical company has assumed the obligation to provide free of charge medical services to acting and veteran athletes of the National Olympic Team of Georgia.

Aversi will continue the cooperation with the Olympic Committee in 2009 too.

Paata Kurtanidze, an Aversi founder, and Gia Natsvlishvili, the chairman of the Georgian National Olympic Committee, will sum up the 2009 cooperation results at the Aversi clinic at 13 o’clock on December 30.