Irakli Ghvaladze May be Appointed as Sakpatenti Director General

Irakli Ghvaladze, the deputy Finance Minister, may be appointed on the vacant position of the director general of Sakpatenti, the National Intellectual Property Center.

Georgian Prime Minister Nikoloz Gilauri has offered me to occupy the mentioned position, but the President of Georgia has not made an ultimate decision, Ghvaladze told GBC.

David Gabunia, the former director general of Sakpatenti, has resigned on his own will. At this stage, Merab Kvintsadse, the assistance to Gabunia, is acting director general of Sakpatenti.

It is jupon the President of Georgia to appoint the director general of Sakpatenti following the Prime Minister’s offer.

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili staged criticism over Sakpatenti a couple of weeks ago for bargains with pharmaceutical companies.

To ensure legal rights of physical and legal entities, Sakpatenti provides state expertise and issues corresponding protection licenses, forms and disseminates patent information, fosters the establishment of the intellectual property culture and upgrades public knowledge.
Sakpatenti includes a Chamber of Appeals, which is to accept appeals against Sakpatenti decisions on intellectual property.

Sakpatenti employs 201 persons as of December 1. Sakpatenti 2009 planned revenues make up 4.68m GEL, including proceeds of 4.48m GEL from legal services for nonresident physical and legal entities and 200 000 GEL from services to resident entities.

Sakpatenti spent total of 2.648m GEL on employee salaries in 2009.

Sakpatenti launched operation in May 1992.