Achara Government Approves Legislative Amendments for Casino Business Stimulation

Owners of both old and new hotels are allowed to organize casinos in the autonomous republic of Achara, Temur Diasamidze, chairman o the tourism and resorts department of Achara, noted.

Under the initial legislative amendments to the law on licensing and permit dues, owners of only new hotels were authorized to organize casinos in Achara, while the new bill calls for granting the same authorities to owners of old hotels too, Diasamidze said.

The more casinos in Achara, the more functions will be given to the autonomous republic and not only summer tourism will be developed in the region, Diasamidze said, even more so foreign countries and citizens are interested in organizing casino tours in Achara, including Iran and Israel.

Under the amendments, the right for organizing a casino will be granted to the hotels with at least 100 suites. Moreover, casino organizers will be exempted from permit dues for 10 years.