Aldagi BCI Pension Fund Emerges as Leader on Private Pension Insurance Market

The Aldagi BCI pension fund ratio on the private pension insurance market equals 61.2 percent, Abbey Asset Management, the pension fund managing group, and Aldagi BCI insurance company, note.

The pension fund provides services to 7 500 beneficiaries.

At this stage, the Aldagi BCI pension fund investment assets count for over 4 million GEL.

The Aldagi BCI pension fund cumulative investment profits stand at 61 percent as of May 31, 2010, which is far higher than the registered inflation cumulative index in the same period.

The Aldagi BCI pension funds marks the 5th anniversary of its foundation in 2010. In 2005-2009 the pension fund average annualized investment profits prevailed over the same index of Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The price of the pension fund asset makes up 1.61 GEL as of May 31, 2010.

“Aldagi BCI pension fund maintains the leading position on the private pension market and the fact increases the interest in the fund’s pension scheme”, Nikoloz Gamkrelidze, Adlagi BCI insurance company director general, says.

“Aldagi BCI pension fund maintains the leading position, the quantity of beneficiaries and the high volume of investment assets in not only Georgia, but prevails over the same indicators of private pension funds in the former Soviet republics in terms of dynamics of investment profits”, Bidzina Bezhuashvili, Abbey Asset Management director general, said.