Communications Commission to Discuss Draft Provision on Portable Phone Numbers on July 6

The Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) will discuss a draft provision on portable numbers at the July 6 meeting.

Georgia communications companies will definitely move to portable phone numbers to discharge the network operation, GNCC says.

It is inevitable to move to a new system of numbering, because the current numbering system is limited. Consequently, the companies will have to spend certain funds to increase the subscriber database. The process will increase the competitive capacity", Kashibadze said.

The portable numbers will consist of nine figures. The number will include the index (99.97, 95) plus connection code (5 instead of 8) and a six-digit number. The identification of the cell operator by the first three figures will become impossible.

The introduction of portable numbers will increase the traffic capacity, the lack of which conditions low-quality connection and overcharges the network on celebration days.

Based on preliminary calculations, the introduction of portable numbers will automatically decrease tariffs because of intense competition between the market players.

Magti, Geocell and Beeline are three cell operators in Georgia and the total quantity of their subscribers makes up around 5m.

Consequently, the landline phone number will include 7 digits in Tbilisi and 6 digits in regions and will start by the figure of 2.

The cell phone number will be added the figure of 5 at the head.

The index of 8 will be replaced by the figure of "0" for intercity talks and by "00" for international calls.