Yerevan-Batumi Railroad Traffic Frequency to Double Year on Year

The Yerevan-Batumi railroad traffic will start on July 1.

Georgian Railway told GBC the first train of Yerevan-Batumi-Yerevan will be off on July 1 from Yerevan and will run every day until October 1, 2010.

“Last year the Yerevan-Batumi-Yerevan train ran every other day, but this year the Armenian party expects the quantity of Armenian tourist to rise in Batumi. Consequently, the frequency of railroad traffic will also increase”, Georgian Railway told GBC.

In 2009 the first train was off from Yerevan on July 10 and the last train arrived in Batumi on September 15. In the period about 18 000 passengers were transported.

The South Caucasus Railway inaugurated the Yerevan-Batumi-Yerevan train project four years ago. Russian Railway assumed the management over a 100m percent stake of the South Caucasus Railway for 30 years in 2008.