Georgian Exporters to Adjust their Products to US Market Requirements

Georgia has a major potential among Eastern European and Central Asian countries for penetrating the US market, Katherine Osenova, representative of the US trade legislature development program, told Rustavi 2 TV company.

Georgia is able to become a strong and valuable trade partner for the USA, she added.

"The Georgian People strives for new information and skills to adjust their products to the international market requirements", she pointed out.

Tea, wine and food product manufactures are invited by the US Administration and the US Department of Trade to Washington to discuss the export opportunities for Georgian products.

One of the officials of the US Department of Finances noted the parties will focus on production and labeling issues to increase the Georgian products' potential for penetrating the US market.

Mikheil Janelidze, representative of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, says Georgia is an important trade partner for the UISA.

"Georgia-American trade turnover has considerably increased and Georgia ranks fourth among the US trade partners. The meeting will further promote the rise in the current indicators", Janelidze noted.