USAID Enlarges Energy Infrastructure Development Grant Amount

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has enlarged the energy infrastructure development grant amount to 123.260 million USD from 120 million USD as part of the Georgia-US agreement on energy infrastructure development.

The revised draft agreement was signed on September 29 by Georgian Finance Minister Nikoloz Gilauri and USAID mission director Jonathan Conley.

The increased grant will be spent on several projects, including electricity transmission system rehabilitation and operation (33 million USD), the construction of a Poti 30-kilometer section of the main gas pipeline (82 million USD), hydro energy investing promotion (9.555 million USD), clean energy initiative financing (1.5 million USD), and the program promotion (760 thousand USD).

Projects are estimated at 126.815 million USD, including 123.260 million USD will be covered through an USAID grant and the remaining art will be financed by the state budget.

The draft agreement has been already submitted to the parliament and committee hearings will be held in the near future.

The Georgian government and USAID signed a grant agreement of about 120 million USD on February 25.