State Service Agency to Direct Half Part of 2011 Budget to Payroll Payments

Despite the constraction of state budget appropriations to the Health Ministry, staff salaries are expected to rise anyway in 2011.

Under the 2011 state budget bill, the Health Ministry forecast budget will stand at 1.6045 billion GEL (1.607 billion GEL in 2010), including 1.580 billion GEL are budget funds and 34 383 GEL – donor dues.

The Health Ministry expenditures are planned at 1.550 billion GEL, down 25 thousand GEL compared to 2010. In 2011 the Health Ministry is expected to employ only 11 new officers. As a result, the Ministry staff will record 3 5777 employees with total salaries of 28.735 million GEL, up 1.989 million GEL.

The state budget bill says a major part of the Health Ministry sub departments will record contraction in financing, including several subunits will stop operation, namely, health and social programs agency, post-diploma medical education program, AIDS prevention and treatment programs and the ongoing project, which are financed by the Reconstruction Credit Institute of Germany (KfW).

The financing of the center for health and social protection projects will rise to 32.740 GEL from 10.7785 million GEL, including 615.7 thousand GEL for payroll payments, 120.4 thousand GEL for goods and services, 4.2 million GEL for other expenditures, 32 million GEL for growth in nonfinancial assets.

The financing of rehabilitation and equipping state programs for medical and ministry system offices will also considerably increase to 32 million GEL in 2011.
In 2011 pension provision funds will drop 1 percent to 907.785 million GEL (916.410 million GEL). Social assistance budget will fall to 287.008 million GEL (296 830 million GEL).

The 2011 budget of the state service agency will mark 10 million GEL, including 4.930 million GEL will go to payroll payments and 4.769 million GEL to goods and services.