US Secretary of State Urges US Citizens and Investors to Cooperate with Georgia

In delivering her speech at the second final meeting of the Georgia-USA strategic partnership charter on October 6 the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged the USA will provide a strong support to Georgia’s security, sovereignty, territorial integrity and reforms.

Clinton focused on the implemented economic reforms and counter-corruption reforms and called on US citizens and investors to intensify cooperation with Georgia.

Clinton underlined the US keeps on backing Georgia’s striving for NATO membership and expressed her gratitude to the country for its contribution to the Afghan campaign.

The US Secretary of State also backed Georgia’s state strategy in relation to the occupied territories and pledged to assist the Georgian government in implementing the strategy.

“The USA will not abandon Georgia without support”, Clinton pointed out.

At the same time, Clinton urged the Russian Federation to cease the invasion of the Georgian territories, withdraw the troops and fulfill the obligations as part of the 2008 August ceasefire agreement.

Georgian Prime Minister Nikoloz Gilauri thanked the US Government for the support and noted the Georgia-USA strategic partnership charter is a good opportunity to strengthen the Georgia’s security and implement economic and energy projects.

Gilauri focused on the project Georgia is implementing jointly with neighboring countries.

The Georgia government is a success in implementing the reforms in the education and economy sectors as a precondition to make Georgia the center of education and science of regional importance.